Working with designer David Haugh, Carole, and Terry Heather rebuilt their entire kitchen. As a result, everything about this vast space – including its Caesarstone 4130 Clamshell worktops – radiates seamless harmony. Read more about the timeless beauty of the Heather family kitchen.

Designer: David Haugh

Many individuals and families who want to redesign their kitchens often face a common dilemma: a light touch-up or full renovation? This was certainly the dilemma facing retired couple Carole and Terry, who eventually decided to revamp their entire kitchen space – including adding a new extension – due to their son and granddaughters joining the household.

Carole and Terry realized that this was the perfect opportunity to fulfill all of their ‘kitchen’ dreams. So they chose David Haugh to design their ideal space, and joined hands with designer Andrew Moore for this exciting project. Little by little, everything began to take shape. The extension was ravishing, with its sky light and garden views emanating from the windows. Gradually, various kitchen elements were added by the couple with Moore’s guidance – handle-less cabinetry by Stoneham kitchens, a flat veneered door colored in rich Cashmere, and an L-shaped island that provides cooks, bakers and socializers with many useful benefits.

As a baker, Carole knew that the new island had to be an ideal work station. This means durability and beauty combined, of course, but also worktops that are very easy to clean and maintain. Suggesting Caesarstone quartz worktops, Andrew Moore showed Carole and Terry a few options, and the couple ultimately selected the 4130 Clamshell, which offers soft light grey tones that work extremely well with the cabinetry and wall color palette. Everyone was also taken by Clamshell’s high durability, stain-resistance and non-porous nature.   

Carole and Terry are delighted with their new kitchen, and for good reason. It is spacious, beautiful, and offers simple practicality that everyone enjoys. As for the Caesarstone worktops, they offer the reliable durability the family expects, alongside delicate colors that contribute to the kitchen’s bespoke design.

“I knew I wanted to do a clean tall, bank at the rear of the room creating an L-shape with a larger island with unique layout allowing for Mrs Heather to stand within reaching distance of hob, ovens, fridge and sink while still being able to socialise and face their stunning view.”

Andrew Moore, Designer, David Haugh Kitchens

The Project's Shining Star


4130 Clamshell


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